Life begins in the outdoors

We aim to inspire people to live for adventure. Connecting you to the mountains and building a passion for the world that surrounds us. Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors is dedicated to growing the local hiking and climbing scene and providing the expertise and equipment for you to go play in the mountains; whether in the Skagit Range, or anywhere else your gear may take you.

We have searched extensively to find the best products in the world and we’ve traveled even farther to field test them in the harshest and most diverse conditions, so that we can stand confidently by the gear that we sell.

We draw our name from the tallest mountain in BC, Mt. Waddington, which stands 4,019 meters above sea level in one of the most rugged and remote mountain ranges on earth. It is with inspiration from our adventures that we bring you Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors:

Equipping you for Rock, Water, Snow, Sand, Wind and anything else the outdoors can throw at you!

        Sam Waddington: owner, world traveler, mountaineer, and climber.

Photo Credit : Jenna Hauck

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