I was born in the mountainous region of Lake Tahoe, California where I was introduced to skiing at age two.  The mountains have always been my inspiration to push myself in whatever activity be it hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or rock climbing. I joined a climbing team when I moved to New Hampshire in 2008, then moved to Spain in 2010 where I continued climbing and by August of 2011 I had moved to BC, where I am currently living in Squamish.  Climbing in Squamish has given me the skills and ambitions to push my climbing to greater heights.  This past summer I traveled to Yosemite Valley where I toped out the three highest walls – Half Dome’s Northwest face,  the South face of Mt. Watkins, and Lurking fear on El Capitan in 11 hours. By mid summer the high alpine conditions of BC had set in and I traveled to the Waddington Range where I established various new lines such as ‘Straight No Chaser’, a 5.11+ A1 that in total climbs over 1,500 meters on the South Ridge of Serra 2 or the Integral South Ridge of Dentiform and Jawbreaker 5.9 TD, 1500 meters.  I then traveled to Slesse where I climbed the Navigator Wall 5.10 ED1 and solo scrambled the North Rib onsight.  

Lines I find inspiring generally involve intricate techniques of stemming, pressing, and balance.  I hold the esthetics of a climb as a top priority.  Many of my first ascents have been characterized by their naturally striking features such as the beautifully free-hanging dihedral corner of Vanguardia 5.12+ in Squamish.  From the exploration of new walls in the alpine to cleaning new cracks around Squamish my lines will likely incorporate some element of exposure, crack systems, and a spicy challenge. My love for climbing and the outdoors has and will continue leading me on new adventures and branching my horizons.