Soccer was my sport growing up. My family moved all over Canada because my father was a member of our Canadian Air Force. An Army Brat. We settled in Chilliwack where I began kayaking when I was 13 years old. I continued playing soccer to the end of high school, but when I graduated I stayed with kayaking as a sport for life. My cousin and older brother started paddling with me, and it turned into a life time of good times.


Chilliwack was once a thriving National Team Training Centre. The skills I learned from these Olympians and National Team Members have kept me safe in all my endeavors. I was racing slalom (still do) for the first 10 years. I earned a spot on the National Team for several years where I once tried my hand at the Olympic Trials. It wasn’t meant to be and after a shoulder injury I decided I would take my paddling in a different direction.


Since recovering, I have been work with the CCE Paddling Club as their whitewater coach. It’s been 5 years and a crazy journey. My greatest pleasure is sharing the sport that I love. The paddlers I coach have achieved National and Provincial Teams. Championship Titles, yet I have my proudest moments at the most unexpected times. It’s the breakthroughs when you realize the people you’re sharing your skill with really get it and you see the passion coming alive in them. I cherish my position as a coach. Sometimes I think I’ve learned more from the paddlers in my club than I could ever share.