Born and raised in B.C, Marc-Andre always new that he wanted to be a climber. At summer camp at the age of 6 he finally got his chance, on a 20ft top rope wall, but broke down crying less than half way up and swore to never try it again. Luckily the trauma of this initial introduction was soon forgotten and Marc-Andre gave indoor climbing another shot at the age of ten. This time he became instantly obsessed with the sport and began a short career in competitive climbing which lasted for about two years until the natural beauty of the mountains surrounding his home in the Fraser Valley led him away from the gym and into the alpine. Since then Marc-Andre has spent his time developing skills in all climbing practices; sport, trad, ice, big-walls, free-soloing, bouldering… you name it. Now 22 years old, and based out of Squamish B.C, Marc-Andre is drawn to big, remote, steep mountain walls and loves finding inspiring unclimbed lines in wild settings.