Avalanche Skills Training (AST) Level 2 & Ski Touring Course | Jan. 18-21, 2018


AST 2 is designed for those wanting to further build upon their AST skills & understanding.
Four days out in the field with an ACMG all mountain guide, is a valuable investment to your mountain safety training and will significantly increase your avalanche knowledge and experience.
Whether you are a  backcountry skier, winter mountaineer, or an all around adventure seeker who is travelling in challenging to complex terrain, this course is for you!

The Avalanche Skills Training 2 is an advanced avalanche course.   On this course,  take a closer look at how avalanches form and how to manage more complex terrain. We’ll look at the snow pack and learn how to apply different tests to help gain an understanding of snow stability and strength. Transceiver training will include multiple beacon searches and how to solve these sometimes complex searches.


  • Develop a systematic approach towards evaluating snow stability and hazard which includes collection of weather, snowpack and terrain information.
  • Learn terrain recognition and understanding ATES (Avalanche terrain exposure scales,  used in Avalanche Canada Avalanche Forecasts.)  
  • Learn to observe, collecting and record snowpack, weather and avalanche information in the field.
  • Learn basic snow avalanche mechanics, including: correlation of weather to snowpack, layering, effects of temperatures, principles of slab failure, leading causes of instabilities and forces involved in avalanches.
  • Discussions regarding snowpack testing techniques are used by trained avalanche professionals in assessing mountain snow-packs
  • Learn how to perform self-rescue procedures and protocols, including multiple transceiver searches.

All of our instructors are certified by the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) and work in the Avalanche industry as either Ski /Mountain Guides, Pro Ski Patrollers, or for Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Intermediate back county skier/boarder





Location: Field location TBD Cost: Email guiding@mtwaddingtons.com for cost info


The course instruction is done over 4 days.

Course Dates: Jan. 18-21, 2018

Location: Coquihalla Summit, Allison Pass, and Hemlock Valley.  1:50k maps are recommended.

Transportation: Students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the course.

Lunch: Lunch will not be provided – pack one!

More in depth itinerary to come!


The following items are mandatory for the course: Available for rent at Mt. Waddingtons Outdoors.

  • Beacon
  • Shovel
  • Probe

Mode of snow travel required:

  • Skis with touring capabilities (AT bindings, and skis) OR
  • Split board

*Field days will require students to have either skis or split boards with skins. Snowshoes will not be permitted for AST Level 2 courses.

Personal gear:

  • Poles
  • Climbing skins for skis or split board
  • Day-pack: approx. 30-40 liters capacity suitable for carrying all required gear. 
  • Hard shell outer layer jacket with hood – Gore-Tex
  • Outer shell pants or bibs – Gore-Tex style recommended for ventilation while touring
  • Personal clothing layers that are adjustable and suitable for all conditions
  • Gaiters (unless your ski pants have built-in gaiters or snow-cuffs)
  • Gloves plus one pair extra
  • Warm parka – down, fleece or pile
  • Sweater or vest – wool, fleece or down
  • Toque/warm hat – wool or fleece
  • Sunglasses
  • Ski goggles


  • Please list any medical conditions
  • Please list any known allergies