Avalanche Courses

The greatest hazards that backcountry skiers/boarders, sledders, ice climbers and even snowshoers face during the winter are avalanches.  Misinterpreting conditions, and traveling unsafely in the backcountry can be fatal for even the most experienced enthusiast.  The knowledge you will get from taking the MWO avalanche safety courses will greatly improve your margin of safety and decision making confidence when assessing the risks of backcountry winter travel.  Our avalanche courses are taught by a fully certified ACMG mountain guide and certified members of the Canadian Avalanche Association.  We offer a number of Avalanche Safety Training (AST) courses throughout the winter season in both the intro AST I and the more advanced AST II courses, chose a date that will work with your schedule so you can play safely in our amazing backcountry winter wonderland!