Mountain Skill

Our Mountain Skills Semester is designed to focus on the skills required to travel safely and with confidence in the backcountry, no matter the terrain that you encounter.  Starting with the basics of safety and gear handling you will progress to becoming masters of intermediate and advanced techniques.  Located in the Cascade Mountains, our local terrain gives us the ability to spend the majority of this course outside with hands-on learning and real world experience.  The certifications and skills gained upon completion of this semester will prime you for adventuring on your own safely and competently in a variety of different terrain and in challenging backcountry situations. If you are hoping to work in the outdoor adventure tourism and recreation industries or you aspire to become an ACMG certified mountain guide, this course is your first stepping stone to get you on your way.  Our back door opens to world renowned rock and alpine climbing, ice climbing, backcountry skiing, and mountaineering. We believe that you will come to love our classroom as much as we do!

Our guides are fully certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and recognized by the IFMGA.  They are trained extensively to not only be masters of their trade in the backcountry, but also to teach these mountain skills to their students clearly and effectively.  No matter what your background experience or your reason for taking the program may be, the end result will be the same for everyone:  a life changing experience that is sure to bring about confidence and skill that will permeate through both your mountain life and your everyday life.

Upon successful completion of the course our students will receive the following certifications:

  • 80-Hour Wilderness First Aid Certificate
  • Canadian Avalanche Center’s Avalanche Skills Training 1
  • Canadian Avalanche Center’s Avalanche Skills Training 2
  • The Mt. Waddington’s Mountain Skill Semester Certificate

Please contact us for more information or to speak with our guides first hand!