The 2017 Quest for 10

Location: The Great Outdoors, ,


A hiking challenge from July 1 to September 30 taking you to the summits of some of our favourite local hikes! The goal is to complete the whole list of 10 hikes, and if you’re feeling like a challenge why not try out the Quest for the Cheam Range!

The Reward
In addition to getting fit, conquering local mountains and putting money back into local trails, we have plenty of prizes and a fresh list of hikes for 2017!

The After Party
This year, we are excited to announce there will be an after party at Tractor Grease Cafe! Each hiker will get a burger and a beer, we will award prizes to the winners and medals to the fastest participants of the Quest for 10 and Quest for the Cheam Range. Come socialize and celebrate with fellow hikers and live music! (Date TBD)

Each pool has prizes for the fastest completion of all hikes (from YOUR start date), a draw for completion of all hikes in any time, and a draw for participation! Prizes include backpacks, tents, hiking boots and lots of other goodies! Last year we gave out over $1500 in prizes and this year we will have more!

$30 Entry Free: This will get you entered in the Quest for 10
$20 Entry Fee: This will get you entered in the Quest for the Cheam Range
**All proceeds benefit the Chilliwack Park Society!

How It Works
Come visit us at the store to register. Once you’ve registered, you can begin the hikes. At the designated spot on each hike, take a photo with a date and time stamp (or take a photo of you and your watch) and send it to us at If you take a photo with a smartphone, it will automatically have a time stamp we can extract. Once you’ve completed all the hikes, we’ll calculate the time it took you to complete the list and you’ll be entered into different prize draws. The clock starts when you summit your first hike, and ends when you summit your last!

The Hikes

  1. Falls Lake (Coquihalla) – take photo at the lake
  2. Chadsey Lake (Fraser Valley) – take photo at the lake**
  3. Flora Peak (Chilliwack River Valley) – take photo at the summit overlooking Flora Lake
  4. Gloria Lookout (Fraser Valley) – take photo at the rock lookout overlooking the Fraser Valley
  5. HBC Trail (Hope) (Peers Creek to Mansons Ridge) – Take a photo with the 8km trail marker along the HBC Trail
  6. Skyline Trail West (Skagit Valley) (from Silver Skagit Road trailhead to Mowich Camp) – take photo with the bear cache at Mowich Camp *See page 160 of ‘103 Hikes’
  7. Church Mountain (Chilliwack River Valley) – take photo at the summit
  8. Mt. Cheam (Chilliwack River Valley) – take photo at the summit
  9. Webb Mountain (Chilliwack River Valley) – take photo at the summit
  10. Guanaco Peak (Coquihalla) – take photo at the summit

**Chadsey Lake is currently CLOSED due to wildfire risk. We will consider Chadsey Lake a “bonus hike” with a separate prize pool. If you were able to complete Chadsey Lake before it was closed, you will be entered in the draw. If you complete Chadsey Lake after it (hopefully) opens again before September 30, you will also be entered in the draw!

Quest for the Cheam Range

  1. Mt. Cheam
  2. Lady Peak
  3. Knight Peak
  4. Baby Munday
  5. Stewart Peak
  6. The Still
  7. Welch Peak
  8. Foley Peak

Times to Beat
Last year the 2016 Quest for 10 was completed in 50 hours and 39 minutes, however the list of hikes changes each year. The 2016 Quest for the Cheam Range was completed in 54 hours and 37 minutes, although unofficially the full traverse of the range summiting every peak has been done in under 24 hours!