Toad People Film

Location: GW Graham Middle School, 45955 Thomas Road, Chilliwack


The Toad People

Every year in early summer when the weather starts to warm up, a rural road in the community of Ryder Lake in Chilliwack, BC starts moving. Tiny dark spots cover the road like a carpet.  Fingernail-sized juvenile western toads have begun their migration – from the wetlands where they were born to the forest where they live.  For the toadlets, the journey is hazardous. Many of them will never get to the other side of the road.

Produced by the Wilderness Committee, Toad People tells the story of people like Steve Clegg and and other families and communities across BC who are taking action to save the wildlife in their backyard, whether it’s toads, mountain caribou, rattlesnakes or barn owls.  Their work is immense. Because despite having some of the most diverse wildlife in North America – including 1,900 species at risk – British Columbia is one of only two provinces in Canada with no endangered species law.

For the last four years, co-directors Mike McKinlay and Isabelle Groc have documented intensive community efforts to save species at risk in British Columbia and explored the urgent need for a BC endangered species law. Today, they bring those stories and the people behind them together in Toad People.


Join the Fraser Valley Conservancy and Wilderness Committee for a screening of the uplifting and motivating wildlife film, “Toad People.”

Tickets are sold at a “Pay what you can” rate, and can be purchased at

Join us at 7pm to help raise awareness for the many endangered species that call British Colombia home!