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    Late post incoming! Even though I’m posting this trip report a few weeks late I suppose it will still give a good picture for what the deep snow pack is like for the rest of the season…So here it goes!

    I do not hold the same resentment that most others do for their work week Mondays…I am stoked, for mine are Adventure Mondays! So of course this trip happened on one. Fresh snow in the hills and sun in the sky always calls me to step into my skis and work for my turns. This particular day 4 of us had the same urge and got up early to see what the Coquihalla could offer us. The mission was to ski off the backside of Needle Peak, back up basin, and then lap the slopes of Flatiron.

    Dawn Patrol cresting onto the Needle Ridge

    It appeared that we were the first that been up Needle since the snowfall that weekend, and much to our disappointment no one had cut a “ski touring” specific track up to the Needle ridge. If you have toured up there you will know how awkward the steep snowshoe track can be with ski’s, if you haven’t experienced this….well, it’s not experience I will wish upon you. After the first couple steep, narrow turns (causing both Malcom and Dawson’s skins to slip and toss them backwards down through the trees) we ventured off the beaten track and cut a much more reasonable route up for those with ski’s or splitboards. Hitting the ridge always releases a sigh of relief, it’s straight forward from there! We quickly traversed across the intensely wind crusted surface, noticing small splitter cracks forming on the leeward slope under our feet…Concerned, I did a quick test and decided that it was only the surface crust that was cracking under our feet and the underlying snow wouldn’t cause a big slide. At the far side of the ridge we hunkered down in the trees to shelter us from the wind and took a nice lunch break and dug a pit to do a snow pack assessment. Here is what we found:

    Total Depth: 202cm
    Fresh Snow: 180cm (Slight layering at 170cm and 150cm)
    Consolidation: Good consolidation between layers with a rock solid early season rain crusted layer at 93cm

    Compression Test: Fracture at 155cm after 5x Hard (from the shoulder) – No sign of immediate concern
    Shovel Shear Test: Easy/Moderate at 170cm – Fresh snow likely just sloughing but keeping an eye out!

    With the assessment done and confidence high, it was time to shred! The snow in the bowl was amazing, deep, light, and face shot-able! That first run down was definitely not long enough, but back up the other side to Flatiron for more glorious laps! We skinned back up to the ridge connecting Needle and Flatiron (just under the flatiron plateau) and went for another lap!

    Stoked to be playing in the snow!

    To make it back to the car before dark we had to head out of our powder heaven and back out, this is when it started getting burly. The wind on the Needle ridge picked up big time while we were hooting and hollering in the shelter of the mountains, and now we were in the thick of it. The temperature with wind chill was definitely below -30 Celsius…I couldn’t feel my arms/hands from my elbows down. Gale force winds blew my Buff down off my face and my hood back, but I couldn’t cover back up on this exposed ridge in fear of dropping my poles and not being able to grab them again with my numb hands (let alone being able to actually grip my hood to pull it down). On top of that I felt my contact lenses freezing in my eyes (Why didn’t I put my goggles back on!). Looking back I saw Dawson get thrown off the ridge and into a snowdrift by the winds! He was fine and the desperate trek to the trees continued. That ridge definitely felt a bit “Everest-y” and created a 10 minute epic of type 2 fun! After reaching the shelter of the trees I checked the team and noticed that Bonnie, Dawson and Malcom both had mild frost bite on their faces. We made sure to stay covered fully for the rest of the trip down until the wind died down. After dropping off the nose of the ridge we were sheltered enough to start having fun again and pieced our way back down for some techy tree skiing (and a funny near miss by Malcom almost launching over a small cliff into the trees). Snow coverage down below could have been better as we had to battle some alder jungle and barely covered logs but all in all everything was all good!

    Backcountry skiing from an outside perspective probably seems a bit ludicrous. We hike all the way up, take a few turns hike back up and take one or two more laps before heading out (Depending on the location of course). There is definitely way more huffing uphill then there is downhill, more battles with the elements, and EVERYTHING is based on the weather and snow stability. All that said however, the allure of skiing where no one else is and earning those sweet turns keeps us coming back, and dreaming of the next adventure



    Dr. Send-Train

    Sweet post buddy, Stoked to get out soon!



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    Вот это самое то.



    Ну в принципе все по делу!

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