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Alpacka Series


Open $1200

Open, Cargo Fly $1520

Whitewater Deck $1560

Whitewater Deck, Cargo Fly $1875

Add 'Backband Upgrade' $65

Add Bow Bag $120


The Alpacka Series continues the tradition of our original line-up of the Alpaca, Yak, Llama, and Mule. For 18 years running, the Alpacka Series has been the unquestioned leader of packrafting innovation, performance, and quality. From a day at your local river, to epic traverses across the most remote locations on the planet, to self supported Grand Canyon trips, the Alpacka Series is time tested and proven as the highest performance, most trusted, and most reliable packraft on earth. Its also the most customizable packraft available with four sizes, six fabric/color options, and five different build configurations to choose from, and all with the option of adding our innovative Cargo Fly internal gear storage system.

For the latest model, we kept our classic design but added a few tweaks to make it better than ever. We added a one-way valve that offers high pressure inflation and easy deflation with a quick turn of the valve core, two lightweight welded stainless D-rings for installing our custom foam backband, and two ultralight handles installed on the inside of the tubes for easier carrying and portaging.  We also updated the Whitewater Spray Deck with a larger cockpit and deeper 1-piece coaming that matches our Whitewater Series packrafts and provides a more secure Velcro-free interface with the spray skirt.  We’ve also added a removable Whitewater Spray Deck that has the same cockpit configuration as the standard Whitewater Deck but can be removed from the boat for flatwater days via a zipper like the Cruiser Deck.


  • Open – The Open configuration is the simplest and lightest full featured packraft available. Its perfect for anything where you don’t need the extra protection and performance of a spray deck or self bailer. All Open Alpacka Series models come with a standard seat and inflatable backrest which can be upgraded to our custom foam backband.
  • Self Bailer – The Self Bailer configuration is ideal for warmer climates, quick entry and exit, whitewater performance, and anyone that prefers a self bailing setup. Our self bailing design separates the inflatable self bailing floor into two pieces with a lightweight 3/4 length 7-inch thick seat in the rear that is protected by a sleeve and a heavier duty baffled insert in the front that keeps your feet up and out of the water.  All Self Bailer Alpacka Series models include the two piece self bailing floor and inflatable back rest which can be upgraded to our custom foam backand.
  • Cruiser Deck – The Cruiser Deck is our simplest and lightest deck and designed keep you drier and warmer than an open boat in whitewater, wind, and rain. The Cruiser Deck attaches along the left boat tube and up the left side of the torso with Velcro, which easily comes apart in the event of a wet-exit. An inflatable pillow sheds water and keeps water from pooling in your lap. The deck can be mostly removed when not needed, leaving only the zippered outline and a small panel in the bow. Compared with the Whitewater Decks, the Cruiser Deck is much lighter and simpler with no extra parts to keep track of, but is not nearly as dry when paddling in whitewater or taking waves over the bow. All Cruiser Deck Alpacka Series models come with the Cruiser Deck, standard seat, and an inflatable backrest which can be upgraded to our custom foam backband.
  • Whitewater Deck – The Whitewater Deck is our driest and warmest configuration and our recommendation for cold climates with significant whitewater and any paddler that wants to stay as dry and warm as possible. The Whitewater Deck features a large center cockpit, one-piece pex coaming, and secure Velcro free spray skirt/deck interface.  All Whitewater Deck Alpacka Series models come with the Whitewater Deck, 1-piece coaming, spray skirt, standard seat, and an inflatable backrest which can be upgraded to our custom foam backband.
  • Removable WW Deck –  The Removable Whitewater Deck features same cockpit (cockpit, coaming, and skirt) as the standard Whitewater Deck but with the increased flexibility of a water resistant perimeter zipper allowing you to convert to an open boat for more relaxing days. The Removable WW Deck is a great choice for anyone seeking more protection than the Cruiser Deck, but wants some flexibility for a broader range of paddling conditions. However, the standard Whitewater Deck is a substantially drier and warmer choice for significant whitewater paddling. All Removable Whitewater Deck Alpacka Series models come with the Removable Whitewater Deck, 1-piece coaming, spray skirt, standard seat, and an inflatable backrest which can be upgraded to our custom foam backband.
  • Cargo Fly – The Cargo Fly is the ultimate packraft gear storage solution. The three piece system utilizes an airtight and watertight zipper installed in the stern of the boat together with two gear storage dry bags which are clipped in place along the inside of the raft tubes. The system provides drier and more secure gear storage, improved paddling performance due to a lower center of gravity, quicker transitions from packrafting to hiking, and the internal dry bags act as additional balanced air chambers for increased safety (even over a two-chamber packraft) in the event of a puncture. The Cargo Fly is perfect for expeditions, whitewater performance, and keeping your gear dry in any conditions.  All Alpacka Series models with a Cargo Fly come standard with our Roll-Top Internal Dry Bags.

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