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Worlds First Whitewater packraft

Over 6 years in the making, the Alpackalypse is the most advanced and whitewater capable packraft ever designed.


  • Urethane coated 400 Denier Vectran® Tubes – Vectran® is a high-performance multifilament thread spun from liquid crystal polymer. It is lighter than comparable nylon thread and has five times higher tensile strength than steel. The Vectran Tubes in the Alpackalypse increase hull rigidity and durability over our standard fabrics.
  • Low Volume Tubes – Compared to our standard line, the Alpackalypse’s lower volume tubes trade cargo space and lateral stability for improved speed, acceleration and handling through holes and waves, greater cockpit room, and more edge control.
  • Reinforced Floor
  • Heavy Duty Spray Skirt
  • Heavy Duty Seat
  • Inflatable Hip Pads – These pads provide kayak-like support to keep your hips in position while navigating whitewater and rolling.
  • Internal Rigging – A proprietary combination of multi-point adjustable knee cups and a foot brace provide a kayak-like fit for significantly increased control and rolling ability. The internal rigging system sets the Alpackalypse apart from all other packrafts, including standard Alpackas with after-market installed thigh straps.*

Over 6 years in the making, the Alpackalypse is the most advanced and whitewater capable packraft ever designed.  Designed for whitewater fun, the Alpackalypse is significantly quicker and more maneuverable in challenging whitewater than our current models, with the added ability to be rolled (self righted) similar to a kayak.  THIS IS NOT A KAYAK, NOR IS IT A STANDARD PACKRAFT YOU MAY BE USED TO. The Alpackalypse has smaller tubes than our standard packrafts (Alpacka, Yak, Llama), which allows for more internal room for the paddler as well as a more defined side edge for the boat.  This makes the Alpackalypse quicker to accelerate and easier to maneuver, but also makes for less lateral stability—similar to a kayak.  For improved control we have added a foot brace, heavy-duty seat, knee cups, back-band, and inflatable hip pads.   This new rigging, combined with a super tough 400-denier Vectran® fabric for increased stiffness and durability, creates an incredibly responsive and capable inflatable craft.  The Cargo-Fly system comes standard and allows your gear to stow inside the tubes, lowering the center of gravity and leaving your bow free of gear, essential for running technical whitewater.  Due to the smaller tube size and overall volume, the Alpackalypse is not a big gear hauler and is designed for lighweight travel.  As with most packrafts, your heels are protected by only the floor.  We strongly recommend using river shoes with some heel protection.

Sizing:  When ordering, please include your heightinseam lengthweight, and shoe size in the “order notes” during checkout.  We will use this to determine the correct sizing for your needs.

Weight of raft and included accessories:  12 lb  (5.5 kg)

Weight of raft only:  7 lb 2 oz  (3.2 kg)

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