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420d Nylon (Red + Black) $2065

400d Vectran (Red or Cedar) $2910

Add Forager Seat $100


The Forager is our largest and burliest packraft, but its still backpackable at only 13lb 7oz (less than 7 pounds per person). So who’s it for? Everyone! We originally designed the Forager as a big-game hunting boat to access remote areas of Alaska outside the range of a Super Cub, and it truly shines in that role! But its so much more versatile than that. We’ve packed two Foragers, two Aquabound Shred-Apart 240 Paddles, and four PFDs in a single checked bag from Colorado to Western Alaska for a 100-mile backcountry fly fishing trip. We’ve also loaded the Forager up with 12-days of food and equipment, plus two Gnarwhals as spare boats, for a self-support winter run down the Grand Canyon, successfully paddling through all of the major rapids along the way. If you are looking for a two person packraft that can handle everything from a classic western river trip, to fly in trips to the remote areas of Alaska, to self supported big game hunting, to backcountry drift boat fishing, the Forager has all your bases covered.


Tube Fabrics

420-Denier Nylon

Our standard Forager tube fabric is a USA woven 420-denier nylon, which is coated on one side with a medium weight polyurethane film. This fabric has better tear strength and rigidity than our 210-denier high count nylon used in our standard packrafts, which is necessary for the additional weight that the Forager is designed to carry. Compared to the Vectran®, the 420-denier nylon is more affordable while the Vectran® offers additional tear strength and rigidity.

400-Denier Vectran®

Our premium Forager tube fabric is 400-denier Vectran®, which is the burliest option in our fabric lineup. Vectran® is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP), which is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum. Vectran® fabrics provide exceptional tear strength and rigidity (due to its lower stretch) than comparable Nylon deniers, which results in a stiffer, higher performance hull.

840-Denier Ballistic Nylon Heavy Double Coat Floor

The Forager features a USA woven 840-denier nylon floor, which is coated on both sides with heavy polyurethane film custom designed for packrafts by our USA supplier.  Our floor fabric is designed to optimize weight and durability in a packraft floor.

Seat Fabrics

The Forager inflatable floor and seat are made with a combination of 200-denier oxford nylon and 210-denier high count nylon, each of which are coated on one side with a lightweight polyurethane coating.  Both fabrics are woven and urethane coated in the USA.

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