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Yukon Yak


Basic: (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) $1249.00

Basic: (Camo, or Mulitcolor Custom) $1359.00

Full Kit: (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) $1899.00

Full Kit: (Camo or Mulicolor Custom) $2010.00


The Yukon Yak is our mid-size whitewater / multi-purpose expedition boat.  The Yak is Yukon Yak is a good high-performance fit for mid size paddlers, and lets smaller paddlers carry larger loads.  Our most popular boat due to its versatile size.

The Yukon Yak is generally preferred by boaters who range between 5’8” (1.73m) and 6’(1.83m) tall.

The Yukon Yak is 3” (11cm) longer than the Alpaca and 5”(12.7cm) shorter than the Denali Llama.


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