The 2nd annual Vedder Mountain 10 Grand ride took place last weekend in Chilliwack, BC. The Vedder Mountain 10 Grand ride was born out of necessity in 2014 when some manly men from Chilliwack decided they were getting soft and needed to man up. Plus we all like riding bikes so why not do a really good long hard one? With the steepest climbs you can imagine, but also with some of the best descending ever! This year we were able to drag 16 riders to the start. Only 11 would finish, truly an epic day!


vedder10gstart (1)

The plan was to depart from Vedder bridge at 8am and head out for the first of our three loops.

Loop 1
Vedder Super Loop! 4200ft of elevation gain. Epic view at hang gliders. Classic xc trails to transfer to the top of the den. A den run with prime trail conditions! The start to the ride went off great! We had budgeted 4.5hrs to complete the loop and we had it done in 4hrs with a little bonus section for good measure. The group that turned up had some serious horse power with a ton of xpro xc racers. All 16 finished the first loop. We had 2 mechanicals with Andreas Hestler getting a flat tire descending hang gliders and Mike Levy breaking a rear axle going down the den.


Loop 2
Upper West Side and tower road via sunny side! 4300ft of elevation gain. Nice beginner climb that gradually turns into really really steep climbing. The newly named “Whistler” descent. Climb from the radio tower to upper view. 2600ft descent down to the lake. This has been my favorite loop on the mountain this year! It really has a little bit of everything and we hit the conditions spot on. The steep decent on “yeah whistler” made half our group poo their shorts a little and the climb up west tower road put people in the pain cave. This was by far my most favourite trip up west tower road this year as I cleaned the entire climb for the first time this season. However the highlight of the loop had to be when Scott Simpson crashed and went neck deep into a puddle at the top of tower road. Such an unreal loop!


Loop 3
Getter done! 1500ft of elevation gain. Climb up road to zest. Down single track. Ride home. The last lap of a big day is always a struggle. Our group of 11 just crawled up the ring road like a pack of turtles. But we got it done with plenty of daylight to spare. I hate bikes now. Never riding again. Maybe.

screen-shot-2015-09-29-at-2-40-18-pm screen-shot-2015-09-29-at-2-41-46-pm

Congrats to all that finished. Scott Simpson, Simon Blythe, Derek Slykerman, Clint Ellis, Russ Wood, Andy Traslin, Ben Schmit, Marty Lazarski, Tobin Mccallum and Sullivan Reed. See you guys next year!

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