2017 was an amazing year. In August 2016 my wife Melanie and I had our second child. Fraser is a little boy who is turning into a crazy dude. For most of 2017 I was a stay at home Dad, but my wife was on maternity leave, it was like the “Summer of George!” However I didn’t sit around eating a block of cheese the size of a car battery.


The ski season was amazing! I’ve never seen so much snow in my yard, I measured 80cm right in my yard! When I was short for time I would just drive 5min and go for a tour up Vedder mt. If I had more time I would get a partner and we would drive for 20 min to a secret stash up the river valley. It was a crazy good ski year.

This is what my giant block of cheese looks like.
This is my buddy Wayne hucking his meat at the secret stash.
Summit of Mt Frosty with Gary Robbins. Gary was training for the Barkley Marathons, he almost finished it. But almost doesn’t count, so I guess we are going to have to ski more next year.


After winter was over Mt bike season got into full swing! After a winter of skiing and other secret training I was super fit and excited to race bikes. I was more fit on the bike then I had been since I stopped racing world cups 10 years ago. My plan was to do the Vedder Classic, the Sunshine Coaster, the Nimby 50 in Pemberton all in the month of May, and then Spwakus 50 in Squamish in the middle of June. Things did not go to plan however and my kids got some nasty flu along with ear infections- giving everything to me. I spent 10 days on antibiotics and felt like a bag of poo for most the month of May. I still earned a 4 at the Vedder Classic and another 4th at the Sunshine Coast, not bad. I had to pull the plug on doing the Nimby as I spent the entire day in bed. The Nimby is one of the most amazing races I’ve ever done and I cant wait to be back for 2018. The Spwakus 50 in Squamish went well. I had a super battle with race winner Craig Richey and finished 19sec down for second place. Craig and I would trade shots all day, he would step on my balls anytime it went up and I would reel him in on the down, it was an amazing day, I just wish the end result was the other way around. I’ll be back.

I’ve been riding for a company called Nobl Wheels for the past 3 or 4 years. They make the best Carbon wheels in the world. I’m super lucky to test them, give feedback and just ride them hard. This past year we did a little project video that turned out really well. I’m super proud of my past and what I accomplished. Here is the Video.

In August I also took part in the Terry Fox 360. Its a fundraising ride that goes from Sun Peaks resort in Kamloops all the way to Valemount in one day, its a total of 360km. 31 riders did the ride in about 11hrs. In total we all raised $55,000 for the Terry Fox foundation.

Podium from Spakwus
Spakwus 50
Start of the Sunshine Coaster
Single track goodness.
360km is really far, but you still have time to ride like an idiot.

Trail Running.

After the competitive mountain bike season was over I started doing some running, with the goal of doing the Around the Lake Give’r Take 30 in October. I did the race last year and finished 2nd. This year I wanted more so I did a bit of running. For 2016 I did a total of 3 runs for training. The ATL race is 30km with 1500m of elevation and its really hard. After I finished in 2016 I said I would never run again. But my competitive nature got the best of me and I signed up again (my wife signed me up, the race sells out and I’m way to much of a gong show to register that early). Race day came and I smashed it! The course was a little different this year so I also hold the new course record! After finishing I couldn’t walk the 100m to the car, my legs were so cooked. Then Melanie goes and finishes 3rd overall in the women’s race! Amazing!

Finish. It was really hard to pick my feet up at this point.
then I sat here for 35min while everyone made fun of me for not being able to walk
Mel finished 3rd, so good!
If you win the ATL you win this hand carved stick. Coolest race prize I have ever won! I needed it to walk back to the car.


2017 was an awesome year! Besides just playing in the woods and doing dumb things I got to spend a ton of time with Melanie and the kids. Elbie and Fraser are growing so fast and its super fun to watch and be a part of.

Picking up some pumpkins
Elbie going rock climbing, or taking a poo
just another day
Little Fraser.

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