Just because you have kids doesn’t mean that you need to change your outdoor activities totally. No, you can’t expect a 3-year-old to go for a 10km trail run with you or be up for staying on the trail every day that has terrible weather. But just because you have kids doesn’t mean you need to stop being outside lots. Staying outside can be as simple as playing outside in the backyard, either by creating your own games or incorporating play into trampolines or swing sets from https://www.outdoorplaystore.com/collections/swing-sets-for-sale. There are plenty of easy ways to include time outside into your daily schedule; even with something as simple as eating outside on summer evenings, you just need some outdoor furniture like a teak garden bench and you’re good to go.

Here are the 3 things we incorporate in to our outdoor adventures to make it fun for our kids and make sure that we can get outside regularly.

Find things to capture their attention

Kids have a short attention span. Most times they certainly aren’t up for 5 hours of grinding work to get to sit for a bit at a beautiful view. That means you need to find other things to keep their attention while you’re out.

A hike like Teapot is a great example of one that keeps the kids attention on other things as they look for the teapots. We also find ‘fairy houses’ in the trees and ‘fairy balconies’ in the mushrooms on the sides of the trail.

The kids enjoying snack at the top of Teapot
The kids enjoying snack at the top of Teapot

We sing crazy songs at each other and take turns adding a sentence in a story till it become super ridiculous and the kids are laughing at how crazy things have gotten.

Add other activities

Another great tip is to pick places outside that have other activities to do as you go. The Heron reserve is a great example of this. We’ll go and read the signs they have up and go on the heron tours that they offer.

Getting out on river clean up days, or making our own trail clean up hikes and seeing who gets bragging rights for the most garbage picked up are also great ways to bring fun in the outdoors for kids.

Bring in other technologies

Incorporating some technology in your time outside can also be a great way to make a trip more fun. Something our kids have taken to is geocaching. Even on a local hike like Mt Thom, there are a bunch of geocaches that you can get and give your kids little goals throughout your hikes.

The kid happy at the top of Mt Thom after getting a bunch of the geocaches with dad
The kid happy at the top of Mt Thom after getting a bunch of the geocaches with dad

The big point is that you’re trying to build a love of outdoors in your kids. While you may love 20km hikes in the pouring rain for a good view, kids especially young kids won’t be in to that. By choosing your outdoor adventures to encourage interest in the kids and by bringing along extra aids like a Geocaching device you can make all your outdoor trips fun and build that love for the outdoors.

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