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Sizing your packraft paddles
Purpose Exterior Raft Width Paddle Length Notes
36-38 inches
Length will depend on paddler and boat size. The wider the raft, the longer the paddle should be.
All purpose
36-38 inches
200-210 cm
We recommend a 200 cm for whitewater kayaking, 205cm for all purpose paddling, and 210cm for flatwater touring-38cm
Bike rafting
38 inches
200-210 cm
Same paddle sizing as with "All Purpose".
41-42 inches
220 or 240 cm
Consider the Shred Apart that breaks down into two canoe paddles. 220cm for the low-seat position. 240cm for the high seat position and when broken down into canoe paddles.

Check out Aquabond’s Packraft Paddling Size Guide for more information.


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