Our Ambasador Athelete Ron Hoglin is now in Pakistan for his expedition into the Karakorum with the goal to climb Broad Peak. He is teaming up with the outfitter, Field Touring Alpine, to handle logistics.

Ron was able to get out a brief message on the satellite phone yesterday:

“Team just reached Skardu safe and sound after 23 hours of white-knuckle driving on the Karakoram Highway. They will be off to Askole on the 15th or 16th after a day or two of sorting gear and making final purchases”



bp2013teamphoto-smFTA Broad Peak 2013 in Skardu – John, Brian, Ron and Scott

Gear Day

The team arrived into Skardu late yesterday afternoon and after a good sleep last night they had some work to do.  The prep list before they leave town will include gear checks, shopping for last minute equipment, packing and repacking. Among the many things they have to undertake to get themselves ready are setting up tents and checking them to be sure they are in good shape, sending out for repairs those that need a little TLC, testing stoves and fuel to make sure there will be no flareups on the hill. They also have to check and test the emergency oxygen systems, replenish the med kits, check over the repair kit, set up the solar panels. On this expedition they will also need to set up fixed lines which will require them to prepare before they leave town everything they might need to do so. In the Karakorum each party is also required to team up with a military liaison officer (LO) who will join them to base camp.

Stayed tuned as we hear more from Ron on Broad Peak.



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