Winter Ascent of Labor Day Horn

Winter Ascent of Labor Day Horn It was an overcast day in mid February as we ski toured up the Nesakwatch Valley towards Labor Day.  Light snow squalls passed over Marc-Andre and I as we headed up to the Propeller Carin under Mount Slesse.  The rather late start to the day landed us at the […]

Malta Motion

Malta Poking out of the middle of the Mediterranean Ocean is a small limestone land called Malta, along with its even smaller co-island, Gozo. On May 10th Marc and I boarded the ferry from Pozallo Sicily heading to Valetta, Malta, ready to get our sport climbing on. As Valetta came into view it appeared like […]

Winter Alpine in the Tantalus – Brette Harrington

I e-mailed my mom to tell her about our spontaneous trip into the Tantalus Range last weekend. She responded with: “A spontaneous heli drop?!” She had clearly seen this photo that Marc had posted on Facebook:   But it was spontaneous.  Our plan was to climb in the Joffre Range but a power line had […]