A Quick Trip to The Chilliwack Community Forest in the Snow

Not every trip needs to be some huge affair. In fact, with little ones in tow, it’s often best to find a short day that they enjoy. You can often find these days in the Chilliwack Community Forest. The Community Forest is especially awesome when we have just a bit of snow in Chilliwack, you’ll […]

Baby’s First Overnight Backpacking Trip, The Lower Stein Valley

While I was able to get out often with our two oldest kids last summer, the birth of our third daughter put my wife out of commission for most of the summer. Even near the end of the season, she wasn’t up for long days out in the backcountry with the kids. That meant that […]

Adding skiing to our list of family adventure activities

This winter our family decided that it was time to pick up skiing. Well at least for 2 of us this year, then two more next year and in 2 years we’ll get our youngest (currently 7 months) on some planks. For this year that meant that Eden and I were getting mostly ski stuff […]

3 Ways in Chilliwack to encourage your kids to love being outside

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean that you need to change your outdoor activities totally. No, you can’t expect a 3-year-old to go for a 10km trail run with you or be up for staying on the trail every day that has terrible weather. But just because you have kids doesn’t mean you need […]