Thoughts On Water

In Chilliwack, we have so much water that we often don’t even notice it, and when we do, it’s to complain about it or boast about it. So we talk about how much it’s raining, or how good the snow is in Manning, or how high the river was running, or if the lake is […]

On the Beauty of Secrets in an Age of Total Information

“Three may keep a Secret, if two are dead”- Ben Franklin. Psst! Can you keep a secret? I have something I want to tell you. We live in an age where the sum totality of human knowledge is carried around in our pockets with us and we are largely oblivious to how this changes our […]

Thoughts on Beating the Heat

When it comes to beating the heat of this ridiculous, record-setting summer there are a couple of possible options that let you get things done outside: Climb or hike in shady surroundings, say on a north face that’s hidden from the sun all day, or a trail that’s all below treeline and hence under the […]

Atari, or Musings on Old Gear – Drew Brayshaw

I was out in the mountains with Maxim de Jong back in March, just before the end of calendar winter at the back end of the Sumallo River south of Sunshine Valley. We were climbing a new route, or partial new route, on the north-east face of Mt Rideout and having a great day out […]

Getting Ready For Ice Season – Drew Brayshaw

Getting Ready for Ice Season Winter is coming, and so is the ice. It’s early November, and climbers are already climbing frozen waterfalls and mixed pitches in the Rockies and in the alpine areas around BC. Realistically, waterfall ice climbing season around the Fraser Valley is shorter than the season in the Rockies – we […]