Go Big or Go Home: Getting Better at the Long Slogs

One of my SUP specific goals this year was to become more comfortable with paddling longer distances.  I wanted to take part in the Nanaimo to Vancouver crossing again (without spending any time on the support boat for breaks), be better prepared for race season (regularly 10 plus km distances) and take part in the […]

Pushing the limits on a Paddle Board

Last month I had the pleasure of being part of the team that stand up paddled from Vancouver Island to the mainland as a fundraiser for youth at risk. The preparation for this day took months. Physically, we were all putting miles on our boards and bodies, getting used to gear and testing out nutrition […]

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Over the past two months I had the opportunity to visit the tropical destinations of Costa Rica and Hawaii. On both trips I packed along a couple of inflatable boards to take advantage of the warm water paddling. While both trips were amazing in their own ways, they helped me further appreciate […]

Year Round Paddling Part 2 – Ken Larson

Year Round Paddling Part 2 – Gear up and get out there! From my last blog about year round paddling, I mentioned I would put out a follow up on how to make year round paddling a reality for you. It’s taken longer to get this out than I had anticipated but here it is! […]