The Willi XC – Big Distance, Big Air, Big Flights – Kevin Ault

I just returned from participating in “The Willi XC Challenge”,  a hang gliding and paragliding event held annually at the fantastic Mount 7 flying site in Golden, BC. Busy Launch on Mt. 7   Compared with other comps, this is quite a simple format. Launch and go as far as you can, usually south “down range” above […]

Rolling the Dice on Mt. Baker

Washington state’s Mt. Baker towers 3300 meters over the Fraser Valley and is one of the loftiest landmarks in the Northwest. It can be clearly seen from almost anywhere in the Chilliwack area and many are beckoned by its sheer magnificence.  Climbing Mt. Baker is a demanding challenge which requires fitness and experience in mountaineering […]

The Life of a Winter Parahiker – Kevin Ault

In these dark, December days, I make my call to go up Elk five minutes beforehand because of weather and general busyness. There’s almost no point planning. When you put it on the calendar, it pours rain or the wind blows over the back.  Even my friend,  Eddy, who lives right under the mountain hiked […]