2017 The Summer of George!

2017 was an amazing year. In August 2016 my wife Melanie and I had our second child. Fraser is a little boy who is turning into a crazy dude. For most of 2017 I was a stay at home Dad, but my wife was on maternity leave, it was like the “Summer of George!” However […]

Ski Season is a wrap

Ski Season is a wrap. Posted on April 7, 2017 With some nice warm days starting to show up in the forecast its time for me to put away the skis and start riding my bike. This past ski season was one of the best I can remember, for many reasons. If you are a super […]

Ski Season is Off to a Bang

The only good thing about last years “winter” was being able to ride mountain bikes in hero dirt every day and riding alpine in mid February. I would much rather have a proper winter with snow sports and leave the mountain biking to its proper seasons. This year I dreamed would be different and not […]

Stairway to Heaven

Now that fall has fully hit us with an onslaught of rain and colder weather its time to do two things. Think and dream about a proper ski season and then remember the best mountain bike rides you had this year. For me fall is maybe the best time to ride the moisture has returned […]

10 Grand Ride 2015

The 2nd annual Vedder Mountain 10 Grand ride took place last weekend in Chilliwack, BC. The Vedder Mountain 10 Grand ride was born out of necessity in 2014 when some manly men from Chilliwack decided they were getting soft and needed to man up. Plus we all like riding bikes so why not do a […]

350km to Mt. Terry Fox

Terry Fox is one of the greatest hero’s the world has ever seen. Its been 35 years since the Marathon of Hope. Terry Fox’s brother Darrell wanted to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope by riding 350 km from Kamloops to the base of Mt. Terry Fox in Valemount. The ride would […]

Vedder Super Loop Ride

I use the term “best ever” way to much. Everyone makes fun of me for it.  The last ride I went on was the best ever, cause it was the last ride I went on. Every ride is better then the last. But a couple days ago I really had one for the books. I […]

Vedder Race Report

Vedder Mountain is my home. I grew up in the Fraser Valley and learned to ride my bike on this mountain . To me Vedder mountain is this magical place that makes my dreams come true. After traveling the world I chose to live here because its just that good. Every year Vedder is on […]

Nimby Fifty Race Report

The Race The Nimby Fifty is one of the biggest and best races in BC. This year was the 6th annual and 4th annual for myself. The first three years I finished 3rd overall and have dreamed of winning it ever since my first Nimby. The Nimby is just really good hard mountain biking, no […]

Red Race Report

RACE REPORT 2015 FVMBA Trail Blazer #1 Red Mountain Mission, BC “Tech C”  cross country race with Timed Enduro segments The Fraser Valley is the best place in the world for mountain biking. Living in Chilliwack I rarely get the chance to justify driving 45 mins to ride my bike, but I really need to […]