5 days solo on the Hudson’s Bay Company Heritage Trail

Nate Lepp, our General Manager, recently completed a solo backpacking trek of the Hudson’s Bay Company Heritage Trail. Originally a network of trails used by First Nations (Sto:lo, Nlaka’pamux and Similkameen) for hunting and trade, in the mid 1800s it became an important route for the horse brigades bringing furs from the west coast on their […]

Grab a shovel and a friend, it’s trail building time!

Volunteers were hard at work in the Chilliwack Community Forest Friday evening completing another 200 meters of trail, nice work guys! If you weren’t able to make it out Friday evening your next chance is Sunday, July 19. This is the last big push to get the trail complete so grab a shovel, tell a […]

Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors Donates 1% for the Trails

What does it take to build a trail? It seems so simple doesn’t it? Cut down a few bushes and push some soil around and there you have it, a lovely path through the outdoors that is now able to help facilitate great experiences. This was my perception only a few years ago, and in […]

Of Spring Time and Bears

The snowline is in full retreat in the mountains and it would seem that the spring sunshine is winning the battle over winter in the alpine. The days are continually lengthening and the number of activities and outdoor enjoyment that can be packed into one day is also increasing. However people are not the only […]

The Vedder River Greenway

This past Tuesday March 18th, Chilliwack City Council received a presentation from the Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition in conjunction with the City Parks and Recreation Department. They were speaking about the “Vedder River Greenway”, the riparian area along both shores of the Vedder River, and the work being done in this area to further its […]

Have you Heard of a Riparian Area?

Although it sounds like a fancy word, simply put, it is a unique habitat type that surrounds a water body. This band of water loving vegetation will run along stream banks, encircle a lake or wetland, and spread from the water’s edge outwards until conditions dry out. These riparian areas are important to both you, […]