How To: Leave No Trace

A pristine backcountry is a luxury that we are fortunate enough to have in abundance here in British Columbia.  It is very important however that we do not take our wilderness for granted and treat it with the utmost respect!  Nobody likes walking along a trail and seeing garbage scattered around, arriving at camp to […]

How-To: Choose Winter Traction

Keep Traction in Winter on Icy Trails Winter and early Spring provides some of the most spectacular views and raw wilderness appeal, as a blanket of soft snow covers everything in a quiet, glistening layer. The same back-country traffic that goes unnoticed in the heart of summer, however, yields wintery trails that are packed out […]

How To: Choose the Right Backpacking Stove

A stove is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to traveling. Whether it’s a stove top for your RV, one that can be used in a tent or a lightweight one that can be kept in your backpack; it’s something that can keep you from starving. The most important […]

How To: Pick the Right Rope

So the vertical has called. Hiking is no longer as thrilling; you need to gain elevation faster. Climbing is usually the next progression for the outdoorsy adventurer, and now you’ve found yourself needing a rope. With so many options out there, it may be overwhelming.    What length of rope do you need? Does diameter […]

Of Spring Time and Bears

The snowline is in full retreat in the mountains and it would seem that the spring sunshine is winning the battle over winter in the alpine. The days are continually lengthening and the number of activities and outdoor enjoyment that can be packed into one day is also increasing. However people are not the only […]

How To: Plan Meals for Winter Trips

During the winter extra thought must be put into planning your camp meals.  The cold weather demands more of your body and you will burn a lot more energy than you would during the rest of the year.  In addition, more time is needed to actually cook your food and more stove fuel will be […]

How To: Choose Modes of Winter Travel

Choose the mode of winter travel for you! Whether you’re enjoying a brisk walk in the backcountry, treading up a snowy mountain, or traversing a glacier, there are many options available for convenient and rugged traction for all types of winter terrain. 1.  Touring Skis This is the best option for those interested in speed, […]

How To: Keep Touring Skins Clean

How-To: Keep your touring skins clean Keeping your skins clean and dry is the key to maintaining the stickiness vital to their performance. Avoid contact between the glue side of the skins and snow, and ensure that the base of your skis or split-board is wiped clean before you attach your skins. If the sticky […]

How To: Layer In Cold Weather

As the snow line begins to creep down the mountains, it’s valuable to know how to layer appropriately for the brisk weather. Key word: LAYER! 1. NEXT TO SKIN: Your first layer’s main objective is moisture management. Synthetic fabrics and wool are ideal choices because, unlike cotton, they wick your body’s perspiration away from your […]

How To: Breathe Life Into Old Gear

Investing in good gear and properly maintaining it will ensure that it performs for many years to come. After hard use, most equipment will require simple care in order to revitalize it. If you’ve got some old and well-used gear that you’re looking to breathe life back into, here are some straightforward tips to follow: […]