Here’s to Adventure Friends

On a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago, I (Nate) was sitting in my living room, binge watching Season 1 of The Man in the High Castle. I knew that getting outside the next day would be good for me, as it always is, but I was feeling a lack of energy and felt […]

5 days solo on the Hudson’s Bay Company Heritage Trail

Nate Lepp, our General Manager, recently completed a solo backpacking trek of the Hudson’s Bay Company Heritage Trail. Originally a network of trails used by First Nations (Sto:lo, Nlaka’pamux and Similkameen) for hunting and trade, in the mid 1800s it became an important route for the horse brigades bringing furs from the west coast on their […]

Lower Pierce Lake: Quest for 10

On Adventure Monday, MWO staff Jesse made his way up to Mt. Macfarlane, and on his way checked off Lower Pierce Lake from the Quest for 10!! The trailhead is located right off of Chilliwack Lake Rd, and there is a sign so it is very hard to miss. The trail is very well marked […]

2017 The Summer of George!

2017 was an amazing year. In August 2016 my wife Melanie and I had our second child. Fraser is a little boy who is turning into a crazy dude. For most of 2017 I was a stay at home Dad, but my wife was on maternity leave, it was like the “Summer of George!” However […]

Cycling the Sunshine Coast

Ahh the Sunshine Coast. It’s one of those magical places we can’t get enough of. We’ve visited every month for the last three months and each time have been fortunate enough to have beautiful weather, not a cloud in sight! I guess that’s why they call it the Sunshine Coast, right? 😉 This week we […]

Winter Ascent of Labor Day Horn

Winter Ascent of Labor Day Horn It was an overcast day in mid February as we ski toured up the Nesakwatch Valley towards Labor Day.  Light snow squalls passed over Marc-Andre and I as we headed up to the Propeller Carin under Mount Slesse.  The rather late start to the day landed us at the […]

On the Beauty of Secrets in an Age of Total Information

“Three may keep a Secret, if two are dead”- Ben Franklin. Psst! Can you keep a secret? I have something I want to tell you. We live in an age where the sum totality of human knowledge is carried around in our pockets with us and we are largely oblivious to how this changes our […]

Go Big or Go Home: Getting Better at the Long Slogs

One of my SUP specific goals this year was to become more comfortable with paddling longer distances.  I wanted to take part in the Nanaimo to Vancouver crossing again (without spending any time on the support boat for breaks), be better prepared for race season (regularly 10 plus km distances) and take part in the […]

Thoughts on Beating the Heat

When it comes to beating the heat of this ridiculous, record-setting summer there are a couple of possible options that let you get things done outside: Climb or hike in shady surroundings, say on a north face that’s hidden from the sun all day, or a trail that’s all below treeline and hence under the […]

Pushing the limits on a Paddle Board

Last month I had the pleasure of being part of the team that stand up paddled from Vancouver Island to the mainland as a fundraiser for youth at risk. The preparation for this day took months. Physically, we were all putting miles on our boards and bodies, getting used to gear and testing out nutrition […]