What makes the mountain biking so good in Chilliwack? Why should people come to Chilliwack to ride? What makes us better then the other big mountain bike destinations?

These are questions I’ve been asked a ton in the last couple weeks. News reporters, Business start up helpers, and first time Chilliwack riders from Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler have all been asking these questions. My answer is the the dirt. I know it sounds lame but we have dirt and a ton of it! We have the best dirt in the world for riding and everyone should come here to ride it. Its very unique due to the clay based soil we have and laying on top of that base is a constantly composting pile of debris from our massive deciduous forest. Riding our dirt is equivalent to skiing a powerday with uber dry powder, the snorkel kind of day. Chilliwack dirt is often referred to as the “Brown Pow”. Some people call it “Hero Dirt” cause its so easy to ride and you feel like a hero. “Velcro Dirt” is what your tires feel when they hook up in the corners. The sought after “loam” is what mountain bikers are in search of, we are all just a bunch of “loam Rangers” looking to rail the “Velcro” corners and get sideways in the “hero dirt” while getting face shots of “brown pow”. My hope and vision is that one day Chilliwack will be the biggest destination in the world for mountain biking. But for now, I gotta go for a ride.



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