This past Sunday we loaded up the mini van for the first day of skiing this year.  Its been a bit of a slow lame ski season so far and tha’s all good and fine with Elbie only being 7 weeks old.  However it was so nice to slide around the snow with some sticks on your feet.  Mel, Elbie, and I picked up Nathan and headed out to Manning Park, not really sure how things would pan out.  But things went great, we arrived at 9:30ish and took over the basement of the lodge.  I worked at the Manning Park Nordic Center in the winter of 2008 and I knew long before that how good Manning Park can be.  I found out on this trip that it’s really a family friendly resort.  Mel watched Elbie while Nate and I did a sweet slack country lap.  then I watched Elbie for a couple hours and Mel went out for a classic Cross Country ski.  When Mel got back I hit up the skate skis for a bit and then we headed home.  Huge success!  Skiing in great conditions and hanging our with the little buddy all at the same time, maybe the best day ever.  Manning Park, we will be back!

– Ricky Federau


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