Life gets busy, most people have busy jobs, family, and gutters to be cleaned. However it’s still so important to get outside, play hard and take in some fresh air. I’m so lucky to live a stones throw away from Mt Waddington’s Outdoors store which also happens to be the gateway to the best play zone on the planet! Even if its for an hour at a time.

Back in my 20s I spent 10 years racing mt bikes on the Canadian National Team. The majority of my time was spent wearing tight bike shorts and sitting on a hard seat for 4 or 5 hours a day. This last year however I was able to put to rest the old myth of bike shorts and hard seats being bad for making babies. November 8th my wife Melanie and I brought little Elbie Joanne Federau into the world. She came 3 weeks early and was 6lbs on the dot.

Elbie is so great, she eats, poo’s, sleeps and everyday she has moments where she is the happiest person in the world. She also looses her mind and keeps us up all night, she’s a lot of work, much more work then my dog. She drives us crazy and makes us so happy at the same time. It’s not like I can leave for an all day epic in the mountains just yet but getting outside to play is very important. Living in the Vedder area I have so many short options to get out for a quick rip, and that’s what I’ve been up to as of late.

Walking the rotary trail with Mel and Elbie in the stroller is a daily thing. We’ll go out for an hour, take in the eagles eating dead fish, watch the kayakers float down the rising river and maybe watch a fisherman take in the big one. If the walk is a bit of a slow pace I can always go for a great trail run up salmon ridge, over to bridlewood and finish off with the Daliwal place hill. The back side of promontory is a trail runners mecca and I can be back in time to clean dirty diapers. My favorite time limited activity is mt biking. Its the reason I live where I do, I have endless trails and loops I can do in an hour. Right now I love the new climbing trail on Vedder and ripping down ditch chicken and femur leaves me a happy man.

So get out there and enjoy the mountains, rivers and trails. Playing outside will make you feel better and do a better job at the rest of your life.

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Ricky Federau – Mountain Bike Ambassador

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