This past weekend I was able to convince 4 others to get into my 1,200$ leather seated mini van that may or may not start, and head up to manning park. The skiing turned out to be much better then anyone in our group expected. We found some short runs that were just awesome and left us all grining from ear to ear. The best quaility snow was above 1500m and we just lapped it like crazy until it got warm and we got tired. There is limited coverage in the thicker trees but the open glades were so much fun.
On the drive up Eric Clegg was telling me about this guy he grew up to next door. He was saying how he makes his own skis now and how cool they are. I was kinda thinking about the movie ‘happy people’ and when the crazy russian make his own skis with an axe. I didnt think much of it at the time.

We skied half the day then we ran into the Father and Son team of Matt and Oli Eichstadt. They live up at ryder lake and they make thier own skis, small world we run into them in the back country. Besides being awesome guys they make the coolest skis I’ve ever seen, Matt and Oli were both on home made skis. Matt made his Dads skis for his bithday. The name Eichstadt is German and in English it means ‘oak city’, so hence the name on the skis. The wood for the skis was even locally grown in ryder lake area. I was beyond impressed.

The back country is an awesome place. You get to see some spectacular views, ski some awesome snow, and you never know who you’ll meet in the middle of nowhere.


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