A quinzee, if you’re unsure, is a sweet snow cave. It can be an overnight shelter, or just an awesome winter fort. In the cold weather a quinzee is much warmer than sleeping in a tent because of the temperature differences that exist within the layers of snow. By mixing the snow, the temperatures mix and enable you to create a sintering process that causes even the softest snow to harden.

Follow these 6 simple steps to build your very own quinzee:
  1. Choose your location with plenty of time before it gets dark, and don’t forget your shovel!
  2. Start by piling snow into the size and shape of an igloo.
  3. Let it settle for at least one hour (great time for a snack break!).
  4. After it settles you can begin hollowing it out to your desired size. Keep the walls to a minimum of 30-45cm thick.
  5. The inside, like the outside, should be dome shaped.
  6. Lastly, create a small vent near the top, but not directly above you, to allow for airflow.


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