How-To: Keep your touring skins clean

Keeping your skins clean and dry is the key to maintaining the stickiness vital to their performance.

  • Avoid contact between the glue side of the skins and snow, and ensure that the base of your skis or split-board is wiped clean before you attach your skins. If the sticky side becomes contaminated with snow, you can scrape it off using a clean edge of your ski.
  • Extreme cold temperatures can affect the performance of your skins. Folded glue to glue, you can warm your skins in your jacket before applying them to the base of skis or a split-board.
  • Similarly, anything above room temperature can affect the abilities of the glue. After a day of touring, skins should be hung and air-dried in a hut or house. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or sources of heat such as furnaces or fireplaces.
  • Because heat will cause the adhesive to break down, it can make separating skins very difficult. Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place folded glue to glue. For long term storage, “skin savers”, which are skin-length mesh strips, can be used to keep the glue sides from sticking together, ultimately preserving their stickiness.
  • After extensive hard use your skins will inevitably show their mileage: particles of dirt and dust build-up will result in low performance in the field. At this time a relatively simple re-gluing process can be done to revitalize the adhesive and ensure that you keep your uphill transportation in prime condition!

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