The trail crew from the Chilliwack Parks Society has been hard at work during the month of June making improvements to some of our local trails, and now they’re just begging to be hiked! So slip into your hiking boots and check out the work they’ve been doing on the Mt. Slesse Memorial Trail, Pierce Lake Trail and Mt. McGuire Trail. Here’s a quick summary below.

If you haven’t hiked the Mt. Slesse Memorial Trail yet then put that on your bucket list for this summer, especially now that the trail has seen major improvements! If you are familiar with the trail, here’s an update on what they’ve been up to.

The road itself has been improved by re-deactivating some sections of the road to stop water from flowing down. The parking area is now cleared and expanded and some of the deadfall has been removed from the first section of the trail. Bridges have been installed in muddy sections of the trail to keep your feet dry and rock steps have been installed in the lower section of the trail to get rid of some of the big drop offs. If you hiked to the propeller cairn a few months back you’ll remember how closed in the trail was (especially if you’re claustrophobic). Not any longer! The entire section from the memorial plaque up to the propeller cairn has been cut back. And if you’ve been dreading the creek crossing, don’t worry that has been improved too. Nice work guys!


The crew then made their way to the Pierce Lake Trail and spent a week installing boardwalks and rock steps through muddy sections of the trail. They also took care of a large log so there’s no need for an uncomfortable crawl underneath it anymore (sweet relief!). And for the icing on the cake they removed deadfall on the trail and cleared out sections that were beginning to grow in.

Replacement Bridge on Pierce



To finish off the month they did some work to the Mt. McGuire Trail, which desperately needed a bit of love. The trail is much more accessible now that the trail head is cleared out and flagged. Not only that, but the road leading to the trail head is now cleared out and flagged and you can spot rock cairns along the way to keep you on the right track.

Keep up the great work guys, and don’t forget that 1% of every purchase you make at Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors goes towards our local trails!

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