The Race

The Nimby Fifty is one of the biggest and best races in BC. This year was the 6th annual and 4th annual for myself. The first three years I finished 3rd overall and have dreamed of winning it ever since my first Nimby. The Nimby is just really good hard mountain biking, no other race really compares. This year I knew I would have my work cut out for me racing against some very fast young guns. Quinn Moberg has been winning just about everything in BC this year and his riding partner Rhys Verner is a 17 year old man child from Squamish who can really send it. When you have a $1000 for the win you always attract some fast dudes. I love the Nimby cause you have to be an all round mountain biker, no roadies allowed, you need the skills to pay the bills. Growing up in the Fraser Valley we are blessed with huge long climbs and huge long descents much like the make it or break it parts of the Nimby. From my count 20 out of the 385 riders were from Chiliwack and Abbotsford.

The Bike

The Rocky Mountain Instinct is the best bike ever! This will be my second year on the same frame and I feel it’s the best quiver of one in the world. I’ve been riding it hard for over one year now and its been super reliable and solid. I can race a full on XC race or crush an enduro event, and the bike just slays trail like no other. My Instinct is nothing fancy it just works, complete with SLX derailleur, aluminum 780 mm handlebar, 130mm front and rear travel, 11-36 rear cogs, 34 tooth front chain ring, and egg beater pedals. The one thing that is fully baller on my bike is my 1400g NOBL wheels. Wheels are the most important thing on a bike due to the rotational weight and performance. If you’re going to spend the money do it on the wheels. I ran 2.25 Schwalbe racing ralphs with 25psi on my nobl wheels for the Nimby, awesome set up for sure.


The Play by Play

The start loop of the Nimby is very important, because you need to be in a good position for the epic 101 switchback climb. There is also a $100 prime at the top of the start loop, and who can say no to mr brown. The start loop is a really good place for your legs to do some talking. I was second into the singletrack this year, missing out on the cash but maybe saving myself for later in the day. I rode the first downhill as fast as I could and came out in front! I was in first place going up the big Nimby climb. Being out front is obviously a great place to be, it felt awesome because I kinda got to control the race. I rode within very much within myself and every time Quinn would get close I would just pick it up a bit, then back off again. 20 years of racing really teaches you things like this. I was able to stay smooth and fast the entire day and not cook myself to bad. I had a great run on the red bull down time of over night sensation but finished second to Colin Kerr who just crushed everyone for the fastest time of the day. But in the end I rode a smart conservative race and came away with the win! The Nimby is really the best race ever!

Ricky slaying the Nimby 50

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