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Aquaseal+FD with Cure Accelerator by Gear Aid

The industry standard for maximum strength repairs to wet suits, dry suits and all watersports products. Aquaseal+FO will even seal large tears that are reinforced with a tape backing and sewn closed with a needle and thread. Every packrafter’s repair kit should include a tube of Aquaseal.

WARNING: Using this product will expose you to toluene, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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Weight 0.078 kg

Field Repair Notes

Uses – Aquaseal is an essential packraft material and will work as an open glue without a patch on everything from pinholes to large rips and tears in the tubes, floor, and seats. It will also repair holes in almost any other waterproof outdoor gear, including paddling suits, PFDs, and much more. However, it requires air to cure and will not function as a cement to glue a patch or tie-down on to your packraft.  Aquaseal has an 8-hour cure time, which can be accelerated to 2-hours with Cure Accelerator. Therefore, we recommend using a quick field patch such as Tyvek Tape, Aquaseal+UV, or Patch-N-Go to get you back on the water quickly and then removing that patch and performing an Aquaseal repair at camp so it can cure overnight.

Preparation – Surfaces must be clean and dry. At home, you can use a lint-free rag or brush with alcohol or acetone to clean the affected area.


  • For small abrasions, pinholes, and leaks along welds or valves – Use a very small amount and smear the Aquaseal® in a thin layer over the affected area.
  • For smaller tears – Slowly squeeze the Aquaseal® out of the tube and lightly work a thin layer in a circle surrounding the affected area by about 1/2-inch. If the tear is large enough to get a finger through it or you have a Cargo Fly, you should try to back the repair with Tenacious Tape®.
  • For large tears – Sew the tear back together (do not overlap the fabric) with a needle and thread to provide structural strength, back the tear with Tenacious Tape®, and seal the repair with a layer of Aquaseal® extended 1/2-inch past the edge of the stitches.

Cleanup – Acetone will clean up uncured Aquaseal, but should be used sparingly on the packraft.

Shipping Restrictions

We cannot ship Aquaseal to Europe because it contains toluene.

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