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Basic Repair Kit

The same repair kit that is included with every Alpacka Raft we sell. Pick up a new one if you lose yours or want a spare. The European version substitutes Aquasure for Aquaseal to allow shipping to Europe.




Product Description

Our basic repair kit is a good start for doing simple home and field repairs and is included with every Alpacka Raft purchase. The kit includes:

  • 1 – 1/4oz Tube of Aquaseal or Aquasure (if shipping to Europe)
  • 1 – 3-inch circle of Tenacious Tape
  • 1 – 3×4-inch Patch-N-Go repair tape
  • 2 – Alcohol Swabs
  • 1 – Alpacka Raft Sticker
  • 1 – 4×6-inch of 840-denier floor fabric
  • Basic repair instructions
  • 1 – 4×6 waterproof aLOKSAK reclosable bag
  •  AQUASEAL WARNING: Using this product will expose you to toluene, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Additional information

Weight 0.036 kg

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