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Hyperlite River Rescue Throw Bag

A super light piece of safety equipment when river rafting mishaps occur.




Further proof that you can go ultralight without skimping on safety. Now you won’t have to think twice about being fully prepared on a packrafting trip where swift water rescues are a possibility. The River Rescue Throw Bag won’t weigh you down on your approach, and thanks to its advanced Dyneema® construction, it repels water and won’t soak out. Designed to be easy to wear as a waist belt whether you’re in your boat or out scouting, a rescue is always just the slide of a drawstring away. Built burly from premium materials so light they actually float, the River Rescue Throw Bag is also tear and abrasion resistant. Lighter than the competition, even with 10-feet more rope.

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Weight .467 kg

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