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Quest for 10 - 2021 (online sign up)

Our Quest for 10 hiking challenge has begun! This hiking challenge is tailored for anyone wanting to hike further and higher in our beautiful backcountry. How does it work? Simple. You have until October 18th to complete as many hikes as possible within our Quest for 10 hiking list. A $40 entry fee will go towards local trail and climbing maintenance groups in addition to covering your meal and a drink at the Quest for 10 closing party mid-October. If you are looking for a great challenge this summer, the Quest for 10 might be what you are looking for. Many prizes will be available at the end of the challenge.



Purchasing this item will sign you up for the Quest for 10. Upon purchase, you will have access to a downloadable information package with detailed descriptions of each hike and the completion requirements. Our staff will also add your name, phone number, and email address to our Quest for 10 tracker which will be used for recording your progress as you send us proof of completion of each of the hikes.

To sign up, either swing by our store or purchase via this page.

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