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At Alpacka Raft, we are committed to partnering with and supporting organizations that protect and fight for river access and the preservation of packrafting’s core landscapes. Help us support wild and free flowing rivers around the world by picking up one of these stunning original art stickers designed by Alaskan artist and packrafter Sarah Glaser. We are splitting proceeds from this sticker between American Rivers and American Whitewater, two organizations working together to protect 5000 miles of new Wild and Scenic Rivers in the United States, and Save the Blue Heart of Europe, a campaign to protect the Balkan river system from hydropower development in Europe.

Makes a wonderful addition to your waterbottle, helmet or paddle – and a great gift for friends and family as well!



Sarah Glaser is a transplant to Anchorage from Moose Pass, Alaska. She fell in love with whitewater while living and studying in Maine, and the love of rivers has followed her across the country. Recently, Sarah and her partner Ben did a traverse across the Brooks Range from Arctic Village to Kaktovic and down the Hula Hula through the support of the American Packrafting Association’s An Arctic Refuge for All Americans conservation campaign.

When she’s not kayaking or doing art, Sarah works as a rope access welder across Alaska and the United States. She uses any excuse to create art, whether it be on the river, in the mountains, or on a sidewalk.  View more of Sarah’s work on her website and follow her on Instagram for more art and adventures! @glacier_lines

Thank you Sarah for sharing your art with us!

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