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Tenacious Tape

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape is a great general purpose repair tape for quick repairs on drysuits, sleeping pads, and pinholes in our packrafts and seats. For our packrafts, it has a bit of stretch so it doesn’t work as an outer repair on the tubes but it’s a great backing on the uncoated inside of the tubes to give a repair extra strength and structure.


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Weight 0.012 kg

Field Repair Notes

Uses – Tenacious Tape® is a great all purpose repair tape for backing repairs on uncoated surfaces on your packraft, and for patching pinholes.

Preparation – Surfaces must be clean and dry. At home, you can use a lint free rag or brush with alcohol or acetone to clean the affected area.


  • For pinholes – A 1-inch square of tenacious tape with rounded edges will seal a pinhole on both coated (boat) and uncoated (seats and sleeping pads) surfaces.
  • For large tears – Use Tenacious Tape® as a backing on the uncoated side (inside) of the packraft before applying a top patch of Aquaseal® or Patch-N-Go.

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