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Zipper Stick Semi-Solid Zipper Lubricant

Easy to use lubricant for maintaining and repairing your airtight zippers like the Cargo Fly.



Our Cargo Fly system is a wonder for keeping your gear dry and stowed inside your packraft on the water. But it requires good care and maintenance to ensure that it functions properly. Make sure your Cargo Fly and other waterproof zippers are doing their job with Zipper Stick semi-solid zipper lubricant by Gear Aid. This high-performance lubricant protects against salt, chlorine, rust, and corrosion, and it repels dirt, sand, and organic residues—so zippers last a lot longer. The Zipper Stick comes in an easy to apply stick form and will last for years of use.

Note – All of our airtight zippers include a small tube of lubricant which will last for about a season of regular use. Pick up a Zipper Stick with your purchase so you are ready to go when the first tube wears out.

Field Repair Notes

Preparation – The zipper surface must be clean before lubricating! Appling zipper lubricant to a zipper contaminated with dirt and sand can exacerbate the problem. If you have sand or dirt in your zipper and its dry, use a toothbrush or similar to clean the sand out. At home, compressed air will do the trick.  If you accidentally lubricate your zipper with sand in it or get sand in a heavily lubricated zipper, use soap and warm water to clean it out.


  • When to lubricate your zipper. The Ti-Zip Superseal® zippers in our Cargo Fly need frequent lubrication over the entire zipper chain and head. The zipper should move smoothly. If it feels sticky, then it needs to be lubricated. Pulling hard on a poorly lubricated zipper will lead to cracking and damage the zipper’s ability to hold air. The Ti-Zip Masterseal® zippers in our paddling suits paddling suits, standard internal dry bags, and bow bags only need light lubrication at the docking head. Relubricate when it gets sticky to close or open the head.
  • How to lubricate your zipper – For Ti-Zip Superseal® zippers, check to make sure the zipper is clean and free of sand. Then open the zipper all the way and apply a thin layer of Zip Tech or similar lubricant all the way along both sides of the zipper chain and at the zipper head. Open and close the zipper several times to ensure that it operates smoothly. If it sticks in any spot, apply more lubricant. When it is operating smoothly, close the zipper and use a rage to wipe off all excess lubricant.  For Ti-Zip Masterseal® zippers, open the zipper and apply a small amount of lubricant to the docking station at the closing end of the zipper. Open and close the zipper a few times and wipe up the excess lubricant.

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