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Replacement Inflation Bag

Replacement Inflation Bag

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Be prepared with a spare when a ringtail cat makes a midnight raid on your Grand Canyon camp. The 2017 and later style is reversible and fits all model years of our boats. The 2016 and earlier style only fits old style open dump valves.

Weight: 5oz | 56g


Like our packrafts, the inflation bag is an original Alpacka Raft design that has set the industry standard. It's a simple ultralight bag about the size of a large trash bag with an adapter at one end that attaches to the main valve of the boat. All 2017+ style bags are reversible with adapter fittings for both the 2017 and later valves and the 2016 and earlier valves. All 2016 style inflation bags will only fit 2016 and earlier valve models. With practice, it takes less than 90 seconds to fill your boat. Top off with your lungs or a small hand pump.

Note: All of our packrafts come with an inflation bag so you don’t need to buy one separately unless you lose yours or you want a spare.