On Adventure Monday, MWO staff Jesse made his way up to Mt. Macfarlane, and on his way checked off Lower Pierce Lake from the Quest for 10!!

The trailhead is located right off of Chilliwack Lake Rd, and there is a sign so it is very hard to miss. The trail is very well marked out and in fantastic condition, so there is a very slim chance you will get lost. It is a steep and long hike to Lower Pierce, with 1150m of elevation gain and 11.4 km round trip. Bring plenty of water as there are no good water sources on the trail except for the lakes.

Chilling at Lower Pierce
Looking back at Lower Pierce


I had a little lunch break at Lower Pierce and then made my way along to Upper Pierce. This is highly recommended as you have slogged out more than half of the ascent already. Upper Pierce is only 2.5 km, and 300m of gain, so please go.

Upper Pierce from Macfarlane Peak

After reaching the second lake I decided to head straight up to Macfarlane. This is only about 30-45 minutes of hiking and minimal scrambling, so when you’ve made it this far, please do it. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in very thick as I reached the top, so I didn’t get much of a view. But on a clear day, I’ve heard the views are amazing.

Clouds rolling in hot on the peak
Mt. Macfarlane

This was a fantastic day and had to be my favourite hike of the season!! If you haven’t done this one before, add it to your list. 



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