Last week my brother in law visited us from Ottawa. Brad flew into Abbotsford on west jet and we picked him up. So nice to not go into the big city anymore! We really do have it all here in the valley. The reason for the visit was for Brad to see his niece Elbie who is now 4 months old. The day he got here it was dumping rain and 8c outside, typical March weather for Chilliwack. But not typical for this year. I’ve skied 4 days this year. Its been the worst year for skiing I’ve ever seen. There is no snow anywhere! However, the mountain biking is the best I’ve ever seen. Everyday its 16c and sunny and its a hero dirt buffet of awesome! So its really hard to complain about no snow. But snow looks nice, its fun and this year its really different. Mondaymorning I took Brad up elk mountain. To our surprise it snowed about a foot at the top, crazy! It was so nice to see winter for a bit. We were both blown away with it. Elk is so easy to do and so nice to be on top of it all. I’m sure it will all be melted come mid week, but I was pumped to be up there. After we did the hike I put shorts on, drank Old yale on the porch and watched Brad replant some old growth rhododendrons in 16c and sun. When Brad got back to Ottawa it was -30c. Oh the dream, he’ll be back.

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