The clocks have been set forward and the temperature forecasts are calling for double-digit daily highs through until the end of the month.  Schools are about to begin their long awaited spring break next week, and with families planning vacations and kids running around in shorts, it would seem that spring is upon us.

The question before us is what to do with this season of limbo, as it is clearly no longer winter and yet the summer still seems distant.

I would like to suggest a slightly unconventional course of action. Spring is an amazing season that bridges the gap between my favorite winter and summer sports, and often times allow them to coincide.  For instance, what would stop someone from heading out early and getting in a few beautiful spring skiing turns up the Coquihalla highway or in Manning Park, and then jumping in a kayak in the Chilliwack river to play in the spring flush until dark? Perhaps only the limitations of one’s own imagination. Or on a slightly tamer note, how about snowshoeing along the Elk-Thurston ridgeline in the sun with a t-shirt on while everyone else is on the valley floor below the clouds?

With the advent of Spring, many people are also in the process of enrolling their kids in summer camps and team sports. The annual questions of will it be soccer or hockey this year, or maybe baseball or basketball, begins to crop up. Over the last few years there has been a growing trend towards enrollment in adventure sports for kids of all ages. For some people, like myself, adventure sports enabled me to come to terms with my dislike of most conventional team sports and yet become passionate about being active and getting outside in a different way. Adventure sports have also begun to proliferate mainstream establishments like the Olympic Games, and with the proposed introduction of ice climbing and sport climbing into the upcoming winter and summer Olympics respectively, this trend is only increasing. Local clubs, businesses and guides are responding to these trends by offering programs and “team” style activities for children and youth of all ages in the adventure sports industry. The caliber of the coaching and instruction is very professional and from my own experience, enabled me to acquire the skills and confidence needed to do these sports on my own safely.

This summer why not give your child the option to join a competitive rock climbing team based out of the indoor climbing gym in Abbotsford, Project Climbing Center? Or enroll for whitewater kayaking coaching at the Chilliwack Center of Excellence with John Allen, a Chilliwack local with a reputation of building his students into national team athletes.  Let this spring be the beginning of a newfound passion for the outdoors and harken in the beginning of your road to excellence at the pursuit of your choice.


“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn


– Sam Waddington – Owner of Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors: Equipping you for Rock, Water, Snow, Sand, Wind and anything else the Outdoors can throw at you!

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