Now that fall has fully hit us with an onslaught of rain and colder weather its time to do two things. Think and dream about a proper ski season and then remember the best mountain bike rides you had this year. For me fall is maybe the best time to ride the moisture has returned to the dirt, the temperature is less then 35c, you should be really fit from a summer of riding and the fall colors are just awesome!

Last week I might have had my best ride of the year. It was a solo mission on Vedder Mountain. One of my personal favorite trails has to be Stairway To Heaven. Stairway is a multi use trail that spans the entire high ridge route of the mountain. Total length is around 6km and its very advanced xc/all mountain riding. Rock faces, techy roots, view points, tacky hero dirt, gnarly steep climbs and descents, and its just so epic it makes you a little bit scared. Its an expert level trail that will change your life by riding it.

The Stairway portion of the ride took me around 45min for the 6km section from Tower road to Hanggliders view point. It’s arguably the best 6km of real mountain biking on the planet. After the Stairway section I ended up piecing up some other unbelievable single track all the way to the top of the Den and then down and home. Total distance for my ride from my house was around 32km and most of that was single track. Chilliwack is so amazing, it blows my mind when I do this ride and I see zero other people out there. Just another awesome day living in the Wack.

-Ricky Federau

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