If you didn’t think running was a social sport, you probably haven’t run with “trail runners”.  The reality is that it seems that trail runners in Chilliwack will use any excuse to get together socially on and off the trails.  It makes sense then that with the holiday season comes more eating, more running, and of course, more social running.  That was the case on Saturday (December 20th) as a trail running tradition brought over 20 runners out in red running shirts and Santa hats to brave the rainy morning in good spirits.  A few remembered to bring a Christmas tree ornament to hang on the Charlie Brown tree half way up the “Dilemma” trail and everyone brought treats and drinks to share after the run.  Sure it was also about getting our for some exercise, but I am pretty sure that the friendships created on long runs through the mountain trails surrounding Cultus Lake is one of the reasons why we trail runners choose to leave our beds on those rainy winter mornings when the option of staying in a warm bed is pretty tempting.

Seasons Greetings,

Louanne (back on the trails)

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