As summer comes to a close, the MWO team has been out hitting the trails and has seen first hand the work the trails crew has done this past month.

…And we must say, it’s FANTASTIC!

If you have yet to hike the Vedder Mountain trail, we highly recommend it. And if you have, why not do it again! It’s the perfect trail for an afternoon hike, quick trail run, or even a date night. Nestled in the forests on Vedder Mountain, the rolling trail along the ridge offers a beautiful view of the Cheam Range and the Fraser Valley below.

And if that’s not enough incentive to hike the trail, it’s had a lot of work done including a new staircase, boardwalk and bridge to make the trail more accessible and enjoyable!

Some photos of the work the crew has done on the Vedder Mountain trail, including the “Mega Project Boardwalk”.

vedder stairs vedder bridge vedder boardwalk

We’ve had a lot of inquiries about the Ling Lake trail throughout the summer and we’re happy to announce that the trail is in better shape after some work by our trails crew. The trailhead has been brushed out and reflective markers added. A 4-5 foot corridor has been created along the trail and much of the deadfall has been removed. The trail isn’t perfect, but it is find-able and brushed out. We’d recommend this hike for the adventurous folk.

ling lake

Photo: Ling Lake

And finally, because it’s a staff favourite, we’d like to give another shout-out to the Williamson Lake trail. The trail is in top-notch condition thanks to our trails crew and the views are extraordinary. If you only have time for one last hike this summer, this would be near the top of our list. The stunning lake is situated between Welch and Foley peak of the Cheam Range. You can enjoy a quiet afternoon at the lake or continue your adventure up Welch or Foley. And if you’re feeling brave, we challenge you to go for a dip in the lake!

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall we’re finding ourselves looking back at what a wonderful summer we’ve had. We’re reminded everyday why Chilliwack’s outdoor playground is one of the best in the world and we hope you all take the time to enjoy it. Even if it’s just a short hike after work, a walk along the Rotary Trail or a fire at the river with friends and family, don’t forget we live in one of the best places on Earth!

Happy exploring!

Love, the MWO Team



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